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Texas A&M Installs New Green Wall
Made From Recycled Metal Waste

Texas A&M Installs New Green Wall

Assistant professor of architecture, Ahmed Ali (left), shows a component of the live wall to L. William Zahner, the president and chief executive officer of A. Zahner Company, a metal fabrication firm.
Photo Credit: Texas A&M College of Architecture

Texas A&M University has a new, ten-foot tall green wall adorning the side of Langford Architecture Center's building B. It was constructed from recycled waste metal taken from the automotive industry and is the idea of assistant professor of architecture Ahmed Ali, and associate professor of landscape architecture, Bruce Dvorak.

Each of the individually constructed metal modules is separately irrigated by an automatic drip system and self supported on a steel frame. The plant pallet includes: Silver Pony Foot, Yucca, Frogfriut, Agave Lophanta, Hummingbird Yucca and Texas False Agave.

Texas A&M Installs New Green Wall

This is a model sketch of the completed live wall, once all the planters have been filled.
Photo Credit: Texas A&M College of Architecture

"I've chosen plants that are tough as nails," Dvorak said in a Texas A&M news article written by Sarah Wilson. "These can grow vertically in a small soil pocket and will thrive here."

To construct the live-wall, students took scrap metal and cut it with a water controlled jet, which they programmed using a computer. Then they bent each piece into shape and added aluminum rivets to connect it to the steel frame.

Texas A&M Installs New Green Wall

Bruce Dvorak is an associate professor of landscape architecture at Texas A&M and is the co-creator of the new green wall at the college.
Photo Credit: Texas A&M College of Architecture

Funding for the project came from a "Tier One Program" grant from the university and the General Motors Co.

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