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HALS 2019 Theme is Historic Streetscapes
Submissions Due by July 31

HALS 2019 Theme is Historic Streetscapes

Any questions concerning the HALS submission process can be sent to Chris Stevens at

The National Park Service, with the U.S. Department of Interior, has announced the theme of the 10th annual Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS). The 2019 HALS Challenge invites participants to document historic streetscapes.

The HALS program, started in 2000, was created to document America's significant landscapes. Participants are asked to choose an individual street or a grid of streets to submit. Particular attention should be payed to specific landscape features such as benches, lampposts, monuments and crosswalks.

The HALS jury will consist of historians from the National Parks Service. The jury will judge submissions based on the following criteria:

• Appropriate Statement of Significance and Site History
• Appropriate Physical Description of Landscape
• Clarity and Supporting Nature of Photo Graphics and Captions
• Depth of Research and Proper Citations/Sources
• Overall Quality and Clarity of Writing

Historic streetscapes should be submitted to HALS at the National Park Service by July 31, 2019. HALS guidelines, brochures and digital templates may be downloaded HERE.

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