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UCLA's SMART Parks Toolkit
Technologies That Can Be Used in Parks

UCLA's SMART Parks Toolkit

The toolkit was authored by Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Kelsey Jessup, Rebecca Ferdman, Kyra Gmoser-Daskalakis and Connor Hum.

The University of California Los Angeles' Luskin Center for Innovation developed an online toolkit called "SMART Parksa,,?: A Toolkit" that compiles technologies that can be implemented into existing or future parks to make them more advanced.

It is intended to be utilized by park managers, designers, landscape architects and "anyone who wishes to learn how technology can be incorporated into parks." Best of all - it is completely free to use.

Showcased in the toolkit is a detailed description of each technology, how it fits into a park setting, why a park manager or designer may want to use that technology, and any challenges that may be faced by using the tech. It is organized in the following order: landscape, irrigation, stormwater, hardscape, activity spaces, urban furniture and amenities, lighting, and digiscapes.

One of the technologies included in the toolkit is an interactive soccer wall, manufactured by Yalp, that connects to the internet to keep real-time stats and scores, has lights, and has several interactive games to hone your soccer skills.

Search "Smart Parks" in Google to find the complete toolkit.

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