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Cambridge To Make Protected Bike Lanes Mandatory
Cycling Safety Ordinance

Cambridge To Make Protected Bike Lanes Mandatory

Cambridge, Mass. is a suburb of Boston and, one survey by the Cambridge Community Development Department showed that the number of people riding bicycles in Cambridge tripled between 2002 and 2012.

On April 8, Cambridge, Mass. became the first city in the United States to pass a law mandating protected bike lanes. The "Cycling Safety Ordinance" constitutes that a protected bike lane must be installed whenever any reconstruction is done to any of the roads within the city's previously identified Cambridge Bicycle Plan.

The Cambridge Bicycle Plan is a proposed network of 20 miles of streets within the city. The new legislation states that any roads that will be rebuilt, expanded, or reconfigured within this bike plan, must have a protected bike lane. Only in "rare circumstances" will there not be a protected bike lane implemented.

Cambridge is a college town (Harvard) and a suburb of Boston. The city has a community development department that tracks bicycle trends and collects data. Their website can be found here:

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