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New Penn State Publication
Stresses Collaboration in Landscape Design

New Penn State Publication

The publication itself was put together by a group of graduate and undergraduate students as a way to educate the next generation of designers and researchers about this collaborative approach to landscape design. It features reflections from the event speakers, transcripts of their talks and opportunities to collaborate moving forward.

A new publication by the Stuckeman School of Design at Pennsylvania State University was recently published and based on the proceedings of the E+D: Ecology Plus Design Symposium that the school held back in the fall of 2017.

The new publication, titled E+D Symposium, Volume 1, addresses creating a "true partnership between designers and ecologists from the start of a project." The official press release for the publication relates that this connection is "Essential to dealing with the complex issues that are involved in the education and practice of landscape architecture.

"This was our opportunity to introduce the Penn State community to this idea that ecologists be brought into the landscape design process right from the onset of the project, rather than when it's too late to make an impactful difference," said Andy Cole, an ecologist and associate professor of landscape architecture who is the director of the E+D research initiative. "Landscape architects should understand the science behind how systems work before they get to work on a project, so their design decisions are then based on tried-and-true research."

For more information, or to get involved with E+D, email Cole at You can also view the publication for free here:

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