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National Complete Streets Policy Report
Top Ten Street Safety Policies

National Complete Streets Policy Report

The Complete Streets program began in 2008 and has since documented over 43,000 pedestrian deaths by traffic accident.

In partnership with Smart Growth America, the National Complete Streets Coalition has released its annual list and ranking of cities with Complete Streets policies - policies that focus on the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists on city streets.

While over 1000 cities have qualified for Complete Street designation in the last year, the Coalition has listed the top ten complete streets policies in the country that passed in 2018, based on a grading system that ranks each city out of 100 points.

Out of 66 cities that qualified as Complete Streets cities in the last year, the top ten cities with the best street safety policies that passed in 2018 are as follows:

• Cleveland Heights, Ohio; 91
• Des Moines, Iowa; 87
• Milwaukee, Wis.; 80
• Baltimore, Md.; 79
• Madison, Conn.; 72
• Neptune Beach, Fla.; 67
• Fairfield, Conn.; 65
• Huntsville, Ala.; 58
• Amherst, Mass.; 58
• Walpole, Mass.; 58

To read a detailed profile of each of the cities with the best policies passed in the last year, visit and download the full Complete Streets policy report.

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