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Connecticut Looks Offshore for Green Energy
Endeavors for Wind Farms in the Works

Connecticut Looks Offshore for Green Energy

Connecticut joins fellow East Coast states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Virginia in setting its sights on offshore wind farms for future renewable energy production of between 2,000 and 9,000 megawatts, and the reduction of carbon emissions.
Photo Credit: NOAA

Stating in a news release that his "administration is working hard to put Connecticut in a place to become the center hub of the offshore wind industry in New England," the state's governor Ned Lamont summed up recent efforts to do just that.

The governor had already announced a $93 million private-public investment to transform New London State Pier into an offshore wind hub, and the state House of Representatives had already passed a bill, 134-10, to fund the capabilities of producing up to 2,000 megawatts of wind power off the state's coast. According to the publication, The Day from New London, Connecticut, the two nuclear units at Millstone Power Station in Waterford Connecticut only output about 2,100 megawatts of power combined.

Gov. Lamont commented, "We can increase the regional grid's fuel security and make significant progress toward meeting our climate goals, all while driving economic growth and creating good jobs."

A statement from offshore wind power developer Bay State Wind agreed, citing, "With this new industry comes significant opportunity for job creation, local investment in southeastern Connecticut, and statewide economic benefits. Offshore wind also supports the transition from older, dirtier fuel sources to clean, affordable, carbon-free energy."

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December 14, 2019, 5:31 am PDT

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