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CA Governor Calls for Water Resilience Portfolio
State Agencies to Create a New Approach

CA Governor Calls for Water Resilience Portfolio

As a result of California facing challenges such as unsafe drinkable water, major flood risks and depleted groundwater aquifers, the governor has called state agencies to build a water system that will protect the future health and safety of the state's environment and communities.

Governor Gavin Newson recently signed an executive order in response to climate change threats in the state of California, "directing his administration to think differently and act boldly by developing a comprehensive strategy to build a climate-resilient water system."

According to a news release, Governor Newsom wants the California Natural Resources Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to determine a set of actions that can be implemented to resolve various water issues and to "ensure healthy waterways for the state's communities, economy and environment."

Over the next few months these agencies will receive insight through sessions, workshops and public meetings in order to prepare the water resilience portfolio for recommendation to Governor Newsom.

To read the full press release, visit To read a copy of the order, click HERE.

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February 26, 2020, 8:36 pm PDT

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