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Learning from Across the Pond
Pittsburgh Leaders Travel to Denmark to See Sustainable Practices First Hand

Learning from Across the Pond

To promote more sustainable living conditions, new buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark, currently must be constructed according to Low Energy Class ratings and by 2020 be near net-zero energy.

A quest to learn more about the creation of livable, sustainable spaces was the driving force behind a recent trip hosted by the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Technology Council to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden.

As reported by Julia Mericle for the Pittsburgh Business times, bicycle infrastructure, shared green spaces and use of former industrial sites were part of the highlights for the group that included a mix of business leaders and city officials.

Connected by a bridge since 2000, Copenhagen and Malmo have somewhat melded into one metropolitan center. A major player in the environmental movement, Copenhagen in 2009 hosted the worldwide climate meeting COP15, and was ranked as the top green city twice - the last time in 2014 - by the Global Green Economy Index.

A large offshore wind farm was installed off its coast in 2001 and produces about 4% of the city's energy but the town has set goals of being carbon neutral by 2025, by which time, 75% of trips will be made by foot, bike or public transit, and 20% - 30% of cars will run on electricity or biofuels. To make those goals a reality, it is estimated that $472 million in public funds combined with $4.78 billion in private monies will be required.

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December 11, 2019, 1:09 pm PDT

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