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Melbourne Focuses on Local Transportation
20-Minute Neighbourhood Project

Melbourne Focuses on Local Transportation

The purpose of the 20-Minute Neighborhood program is to test and evaluate the practical delivery of strong local transportation infrastructure to communities as part of a government case study.

In Australia, the Victorian government has partnered with national organizations such as the Heart Foundation, Victoria Walks and Resilient Melbourne to promote a transportation project called the 20-Minute Neighbourhood in three neighborhoods in Melbourne. This project is part of a larger urban effort called Plan Melbourne.

The purpose of the 20-Minute Neighbourhood project is to create communities that give people the opportunity to meet most of their everyday needs within a 20-minute walk, bike ride or local public transportation trip of their homes. According to the Plan Melbourne website, 20-Minute Neigbourhoods can be developed using several strategies, including upgrades to community infrastructure and improvements to streetscapes and public open spaces such as street plazas and parks.

As Plan Melbourne promotes lessening the everyday use of vehicles, the 20-Minute Neighbourhood project focused on pedestrian and bicyclist safety. As stated on the program's website, "Pedestrian infrastructure, connections and streetscape design should be considered during the local planning process with priority given to pedestrians in neighbourhoods, particularly in activity centres."

Click HERE to learn more about the 20-Minute Neighbourhood project and Plan Melbourne's other projects.

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