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2019 Horticultural Leadership Awards

Great Leaders of the Green Industry

2019 Horticultural Leadership Awards

The Horticultural Leadership Awards is the only North American awards program that recognizes leaders in the greenhouse and nursery industries.

The 2019 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards magazine has announced the recipients of its Horticultural Leadership Awards (HILA). Every year, six winners are honored for their contributions to the green industry and demonstrating great leadership. Trade publication Greenhouse Management writes that such contributions include using creativity and expertise towards the industry's development, making a positive impact, excelling in environmental stewardship, and/or enhancing the lives of those in the industry with charitable giving.

The Class of 2019 are:
• Doug Cole - D.S. Cole Growers, N.H.
• Dale Deppe - Spring Meadow Nursery, Mich.
• George Lucas - Lucas Greenhouses, N.J.
• Alan Jones - Manor View Farm, Md.
• Art Van Wingerden - Metrolina Greenhouses, N.C.
• Terri McEnaney - Bailey Nurseries, Minn.

These leaders will be honored during the Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards reception at Cultivate'19 in Columbus, Ohio, July 13-16.

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