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Road Rules Expands to Improve Transportation

INRIX's Platform Aids Urban Mobility

Road Rules Expands to Improve Transportation

INRIX, a resource that analyzes data to manage traffic, has reported that 11 cities and road authorities have agreed to utilize the Road Rules platform, since its launch in 2018.

As new mobility innovations occur during the 21st century, cities are faced with maintaining transportation systems that are efficient and safe. A platform, called INRIX Road Rules, has determined a solution to aid cities and road authorities in managing and communicating local rules on roads, curbs and sidewalks.

According to the INRIX press release, the program serves as a rulebook for automated driving systems and has recently announced that it is now expanding to support other mobility options such as dockless bike/scooter zones, city infrastructure, and loading zones and parking restrictions for transportation network companies.

Road Rules is user friendly and allows cities to manage their data digitally. It also shares pertinent information that encourages "innovation and safe, efficient mobility deployment" and "leverages the National Association of City Transportation Official SharedStreets project," a data standard created for companies and cities to work together in order to enhance urban mobility.

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February 17, 2020, 1:52 pm PDT

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