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CLARB Launches Coalition to Protect Professional Licensing

New Website Formed

CLARB Launches Coalition to Protect Professional Licensing

The coalition was formed to ensure the voices and concerns of advanced professions are heard by lawmakers amid the growing debate around licensing.

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board has announced the founding of the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing - a new coalition of advanced professions focused on educating policymakers and the public about the importance of rigorous professional licensing standards.

According to the council, CLARB will work with other ARPL members to inform lawmakers of the need to maintain licensing standards for highly complex, technical professions like landscape architecture that have a clear impact on public health, safety, and welfare.

"Professional licensing for landscape architects is rigorous for good reason. Landscape architects are responsible for designing and planning the outdoor environment to enhance property values (including parks, streetscapes, and gardens); ensuring public accessibility related to transit and habitat; reducing impacts to property caused by flooding, sea-level rise, and fire through trained resilience planning; and creating spaces that enhance public health and well-being," said Veronica Meadows, senior director of strategy for CLARB.

"It is vitally important lawmakers understand our profession plays an indispensable role in protecting public health, safety, and welfare. With advanced professions like ours at risk of being swept up in broad calls to reduce licensing requirements for occupations and vocations, ARPL will enable landscape architects and their registration boards to educate lawmakers about the value of our rigorous education, examination and experience requirements and the need to preserve them," Meadows added.

To learn more about the ARPL and the importance of professional licensing, please visit the group's newly-launched website:

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November 22, 2019, 1:53 am PDT

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