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Data for LEED Certification Being Streamlined

Arc Recently Announced Partnerships

Data for LEED Certification Being Streamlined

Technologies make it easier to achieve LEED recognition.

Arc, a sustainability performance platform which helps create better places for people and the environment, has partnered with four technology companies to streamline operational performance data and simplify the process of meeting LEED certification and recertification requirements.

With its new partnerships, Arc developers say the platform has become easier to use in four ways:

Find potential LEED certifications or streamline recertification by linking to an existing Measurabl software account:

Creators say it makes it easier for Measurabl and Arc users to receive recognition for their leadership in building design, construction and operations.

Meet LEED requirements for commuting surveys with the Commutifi platform.

Project teams can elect to use Commutifi's commuter registration tool and send data directly to Arc to meet LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance and recertification requirements.

Understand indoor environmental conditions and measure how a building is performing for its occupants with arbn well building performance technology.

Use arbn well's indoor environmental monitoring software and indoor sensors to receive real-time information about indoor environmental conditions and to help improve human experience.

Centralize building data, discover trends in indoor environmental quality and improve performance over time with QLEAR tool.

Use QLEAR's user sensors and analytical tools to collect, measure and analyze data on air quality, and integrate energy and other real-time data sources to improve your building's environmental performance.

To learn more and increase your LEED score, click here:

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February 26, 2020, 8:43 am PDT

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