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Designware Pictures "Completed" Landscapes

by Gregory V. Harris, regional editor

With Designware software, a photograph is taken of a property before the landscape work begins. By using the computer program's library of images and tools, landscape architects can design all aspects of the project and present an "after" photo to the client of the "completed" project.

When proposing large-scale landscape projects, showing what the finished project will look like can be a hug selling point. Drawings and blueprints can provide a feel for how the completed project will look, but wouldn't it be great to somehow present "before and after" photos to clients before the project is even started.

Well, there is just such a tool, Designware, software by Design Imaging Group. Designware is a photo-rendering program that lets landscape architects take a photograph and place it in a computer as the background image for the software. Any photos can be used, as long as you can download or scan them into the computer.

The photo above is an actual landscape; the photo below has superimposed landscape features derived from the software library, applied with a choice of 45 tool effects.

The libraries of thousands of plants and hardscapes are available in Designware to be placed on the photograph in the correct proportions, location and perspective. There are 45 tools that allow you to create, even subtle effects like shadowing behind a tree or reflections in a pond. The photo, if you wish, can render the landscape as it will appear with fully mature plants.


Designware 3.0 Tools

At Night

This features gives users the ability to take a digital image of a home and landscape in the daylight and render how it will appear with lighting "at night."


Forty-nine training movies are built into the software that explain and demonstrate the use and function of every tool and feature. Designware 3.0 does not include a manual per se, but a printable user's guide is available.

New Textures

High quality, seamless textures have been added to the libraries, providing the ability to produce even more realistic results. These textures let you show, patios, driveways, groundcovers and walls in the correct scale and perspective.

New Images

New high-quality images have also been added, along with additional images of products that are commonly used in the southern United States.


This technology breakthrough in imaging software lets you change a 300-foot fence that is constructed of 50 panels from a picket profile to a stockade profile with a simple drag and drop from the fence library. This only takes seconds and the new images retain the correct size and perspective.

Magic Wand

A major feature of Designware is the ability to build additional libraries using your project photographs. The Magic Wand tool helps prepare such images for your library. Magic Wand makes removing a background image a simple operation.

Smudge Tool

To add additional realism to an image, Designware 3.0 includes a smudge tool that blurs the edges of images to blend with the background.

Paint with Texture

Past versions of Designware provided only one method of showing textures. Users defined an area and the texture filled it. The paint tool lets you apply textures as if you were painting.

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