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Landscape of the Month

This month’s Landscape of the Month was submitted by Ken Andrew of The Raintree Group, Inc., Laguna Hills, California and Vince Mackel of their San Ramon office in Northern California. Their work at the Odetics, Inc. building in Anaheim, California took the Gold Nugget Award for Best Rehabilitation of a Commercial or Industrial Project.

Raintree worked with the architectural firm of Hastings Lundston in Costa Mesa and Hedley Builders of Newport Beach to coordinate the landscape with the newly designed entranceway The flag courtyard, which can be seen from Interstate 5 just north of Disneyland, was designed to give the company an international flare along with a sharp corporate image.

The Raintree Group was also faced with creating a landscape that would work from the start while allovying for the planned expansion of the freeway that would eventually cut a frontage road through the perimeter. They had to maintain the overall balance of the project without putting any of the major trees or hardscapes along the freeway. They did this by bringing the focus of the landscape to the center court yard thus drawing ones attention into the bright modern entrance way.

Congratulations by The Raintree Group, Inc. for your award winning work! A $25 has been made in your name by Nightscaping to the CLASS Fund.


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February 28, 2020, 2:01 am PDT

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