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10-11-19   Congress Receives Demand for Action on Infrastructure


09-27-19   New Bills in the Legislature to Encourage Solar Energy


09-23-19   Senate Transportation Bill Leaves Committee


08-12-19   N.J. Gas Tax to Pay for Infrastructure Upgrades


08-08-19   U.S. Infrastructure Bill Advances


08-02-19   U.S. Secretary of Transportation Announces Infrastructure Investment


08-02-19   Legislation Could Boost Oklahoma Infrastructure by $100 Million


07-17-19   Senate Promises to Take On Reauthorization of FAST Act


07-11-19   Complete Streets Act Introduced


07-05-19   Louisiana Passes Infrastructure Bill


07-03-19   Bill for Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Passes House


06-27-19   House Committee Clears H.R. 1225


06-13-19   EPA Announces Brownfields Grants


05-29-19   A Proposed Green Infrastructure Plan


05-22-19   Learning from Across the Pond


05-22-19   CA Governor Calls for Water Resilience Portfolio


05-20-19   Momentum for Infrastructure Funding Continues


05-16-19   Large Gap for Funding of U.S. Stormwater Needs


05-06-19   Illinois Proposes New Regulation on LAs


05-06-19   EPA Continues to Loosen Clean Water Act Rules


05-06-19   Cambridge To Make Protected Bike Lanes Mandatory


04-29-19   Infrastructure Improvement Plans Still in the Works


03-04-19   Senate Expands National Parks


02-08-19   New Standard to Rate Road Pavement Performance


01-30-19   Congressional Rule Changes May Increase Infrastructure Funding


12-27-18   New Proposed WOTUS Definitions


12-17-18   Shanghai Limits Population to 25 Million


11-05-18   America's Water Infrastructure Act Signed Into Law


10-25-18   Michigan Rep Proposes Going 100% Renewable


10-15-18   USDA Seeks Public Input on Soil Testing Procedures


10-04-18   A Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Bill


10-04-18   New Jersey Heads Towards Clean Energy


10-03-18   WOTUS Reinstated in 23 States


10-01-18   Agency Tries to Block Tree Clearing for Pipeline


07-31-18   ABC Petitions Trump to Reverse Obama-era Policies


07-23-18   Buying and Selling Pollution Credits


07-13-18   Scott Pruitt Resigns as EPA Administrator


07-06-18   Landscaping Company Fined for Hiring H-2b Workers


06-06-18   H-2B Visa Cap Increases


06-04-18   Bill AB-2470 on Invasive Species


05-18-18   California Requires Solar Panels in New Residential Structures


04-10-18   Poisonous Plants Bill Defeated in Idaho


04-09-18   Wisconsin Quarantined Due to Emerald Ash Borer


04-02-18   H-2B Visa Crisis Might See Relief


03-16-18   Worker Shortage Impacts Colorado Landscape Industry


03-07-18   H-2B vs NALP


03-05-18   Health Risks Associated With Gas Powered Leaf Blowers


03-01-18   Amazon Found Selling Illegal Pesticides


02-20-18   Green Roofs Might Invite Pests


02-07-18   Solar Panel Tariff


02-02-18   Supreme Court Ruling on WOTUS


02-01-18   Ohio Prohibits Sale of 38 Invasive Plants


02-01-18   No More Work Visas For Three Countries


01-29-18   The Back and Forth on Glyphosate


01-25-18   States With Proposed Minimum Wage Increases


01-24-18   OSHA Increases Penalty Fines


01-24-18   EPA Reaches Settlement for Pesticide Violations


01-24-18   Redondo Beach Considers Leaf Blower Ban


01-23-18   New California Employment Laws Protect Workers


01-22-18   DHS Decision Could Disrupt Landscaping Industry


01-17-18   Appeals Court Upholds OSHA's Silica Regulations


01-12-18   Synthetic Pesticide Ban to Take Effect in Maine


01-10-18   Eight States Sue the EPA Over Air Pollution


01-05-18   Carlsbad Switches to Organic Pesticides


01-04-18   USCIS Reaches Midyear Cap for H-2B Applications


12-26-17   Maplewood, N.J. Faces Lawsuit Over Leaf Blower Ban


12-20-17   New Marysville Fence Ordinance


12-18-17   EU Commission Answers Citizens' Initiative


12-07-17   ASLA Statement on Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


11-22-17   The On-Going Battle Against Glyphosate


09-16-17   Entrepreneur Mows White House Lawn


07-28-17   Palm Springs Enacts Leaf Blower Ban


07-28-17   Effort to Increase E15 Availability Is Stopped, for Now


07-26-17   Water Issues in the News


07-24-17   OSHA Wants to Extend Compliance Date for Electronic...


07-24-17   Obama Rule on Overtime Pay Is Challenged in Court


06-30-17   House Approves Bill to Help Training for Skilled Workers


06-29-17   Congressional Panel Clears Way for Puerto Rico Bankruptcy


06-05-17   Landscape Architects Split 50/50 on Paris Climate Accord


06-02-17   Response To Trump, Paris Agreement Pouring In


06-02-17   ASLA Response to Trump's Actions on Paris Accord


06-02-17   Coal Jobs Trump Power Plant Pollution


06-02-17   USGBC's Response to Withdrawal from Paris Agreement


06-01-17   Breaking: Trump Withdraws U.S. from Paris Climate Accord


05-09-17   Change in Overtime Rules Passes House


04-12-17   EPA Will No Longer Tolerate Sue and Settle Practices


03-20-17   2018 Proposed Budget: By the Numbers


03-16-17   New Law Encourages Waterside Buffer Strips in S.D.


03-10-17   More Money for Florida Beach Restoration


03-06-17   Brother, Can You Spare a Developer?


03-03-17   Can Trump's Massive Infrastructure Investment Materialize?


03-03-17   ASLA Responds to the POTUS' First Address to a Joint Congress


03-02-17   New York Water Infrastructure Receives Failing Grades


02-22-17   So Many Petitions for H-2B Visas for Spring/Summer 2017


02-10-17   Missouri Becomes "Right-to-Work" State


01-25-17   Good News for N.J. Snow and Ice Management Companies


01-23-17   A Firsthand Account of Inauguration Day


01-17-17   Congress Requests More Info on Glyphosate Research


01-06-17   Minimum Wage Increases Take Effect New Years Day


01-06-17   Colorado's Sunset Review Recommendations


01-06-17   Los Angles Voters Approve More Affordable Housing Proposition, but . . .


01-06-17   House Legislation Passed to Kill Agency Rules En Masse


01-06-17   Bill to Support Concrete Industry Passes House


12-14-16   A Fifth Consecutive Year of Drought for California?


12-12-16   D.C. City Council Unanimously Passes Landscape Architecture Licensing Act


11-23-16   Clock Is Paused on Overtime Rule


11-17-16   OSHA Issues Final Rule On Walking-Working Surfaces


11-04-16   Taking Action


12-08-15   FAST Act Signed Into Law


11-11-15   Montgomery County, Maryland Approves Restrictions on Lawn Pesticides Use


11-03-15   H2B Reform Legislation Introduced in U.S. Senate


12-10-13   ASLA Backs Federal Stormwater Legislation


04-17-13   New Legislation Seeks End to Ethanol Mandate


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