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      ... manufacturers to avoid installing new, updated anti-pollution equipment once the plants modernize; 3) the Bush administration had pushed to drill for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refu...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - February 01, 2003     View Comments

The Mattel Play Yard
      ... design team has used well designed, off-the-shelf equipment wherever possible to keep the construction costs down and to ensure the highest levels of safety. A prefabricated clim...
Author: Philip Vaughan, Issue: LOL - September 01, 2002     View Comments

Up From The Earth
      ... inches will be overlapped on each tread. oDetermine type of equipment needed and site accessibility. Determining equipment accessibility is essential to accurately estimating your job cost...
Author: Steve Campbell, Issue: LOL - August 01, 2002     View Comments

Clinton Square
      ... with power demands from the fountain pumps and refrigeration equipment would require a 2000 amp service. To avoid the typical, large, above grade 'green box' for power distribution seen i...
Author: Melvin L. Moore, Issue: LOL - July 01, 2002     View Comments

Creating The Perfect Tropical Place
      ... weather it is interior or exterior. Excellent lighting equipment and technology is available but with slight modifications, nighttime adjustment and proper placement of equipment, we ...
Author: Diana Nagler, Issue: LASN - April 2002     View Comments

French Drains
      ... require the trenches to be hand dug due to wet conditions. When equipment can be used, the trench should still be cared for by hand to produce the desired slope needed to create proper drainag...
Author: John Benton, Issue: LCN - March 2002     View Comments

Recycled Materials
      ... may want to look into recycled materials when specifying play equipment and amenities. SelecTech Inc. of Taunton, MA produces recycled plastic timbers called SelecTimber that is a dur...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - October 2001     View Comments

Window Is Inspiration For Award Winning Campus Plaza
      ... of the local phone directory. Local merchants photograph their equipment on it. And it has also served as the romantic backdrop for several weddings.” What began as a concept of a...
Author: Alva D. Logsdon, Issue: LASN - June 2001     View Comments

Winter Light
      ... changed. The mockups were installed using equipment donated to The Landscape Lighting Institute course at The Lighting Research Center by manufacturers in the landscape l...
Author: Janet Lennox Moyer, Issue: LASN - April 2001     View Comments

Water Wise
      ... he learned about the common problems that plague irrigation equipment. It was this hands-on work that set the stage for his professional career as an irrigation consultant. After gr...
Author: Michelle D'Hulst-Spargur, Issue: LASN - November 2000     View Comments