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      ... the following conferences, they are: Design, Plant Materials, Equipment (Irrigation), and Installation & Maintenance. Xeriscape ‘83 was meant to be very basic. The concept, philoso...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - March 1986     View Comments

LASN News November-December 1985
      ... and government projects, new technology, new material, new equipment, and the latest in research. The IECA conference will be held in the Doubletree Hotel at Campbell Center off the C...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - November 1985     View Comments

Woodlands Park
      ... maintain accessibility throughout the site, the trails and play equipment are ADA accessible and all site furnishings met the required safety standards of the Consumer Product Commission Safet...
Author: Dean W. Koonts, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Common Ground
      ... have high amounts of lead paint. The city took all of the play equipment out at one time, and currently about half of the parks have received new playgrounds. ...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Americans Want More Parks
      ... to any play area that resembled "traditional" play equipment areas. They did not want any improvements that looked foreign, or that caused a distraction from their "million d...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Creating Play
      ... too often, communities spend a lot of money for a piece(s) of equipment which has very limited play value." There are a plethora of legal and liability issues involving playground...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Rhodes Park
      ... The addition of the DeLong Playground comprised of GameTime equipment enhances the activity offering at Rhodes Park to include play for children in all stages of development. The park pro...
Author: Katherine Spatz, ASLA And Lindsay Richardson, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Aesop Park
      ... also replaced standard plastic safety-surfacing around the play equipment in favor of the Fibar wood-chip carpet system, and although this can present some maintenance issues in more urban set...
Author: John Fultz, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Griffith Park
      ... separately. For the Valley Gateway project, the heavy equipment department was brought in to transport the Phoenix canariensis and Washingtonia filifera palm trees. "We brought ...
Author: Diana Nagler, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Testing With Triax
      ... and it is really easy to use." Another piece of equipment that can be used with the Triax 2000 is a surveyor's rod. By just setting the rod at the desired height and raising th...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments