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SRWs And "Waterfall" Solution Enhance Bayfront Park
      ... on an architectural concrete segmental retaining wall (Rosetta Hardscapes), feeling the block size, coloring (???Lakeshore' blend) and look of weathered outcropping stone blended well with th...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - January 30, 2009     View Comments

LCN Commentary February 2009
      ... a successful Landscape Business and installing award-winning hardscapes and landscape elements, our research shows that more than 75 percent of you offer maintenance services. As such we ar...
Author: By George Schmok, Issue: LCN - January 2009     View Comments

2009 February LCN - Hardscapes: SRW Design: Separate Yourself!
      ... homeowner," said Scott Santos of J&J Materials, a Boston, MA hardscapes distributor. "Even if a homeowner is working with a contractor, they often need to see displays for ideas, color sele...
Author: By Lynn Barnhart, Issue: LCN - January 2009     View Comments

Contemporary Cool In The Florida Heat
      ... client had a specific flavor and style in mind as far as the hardscapes and plantings, so the landscape was designed prior to construction," he said. "The client wanted a clean, contemporar...
Author: Gregory Harris, Assistant Editor, Issue: LASN - January 2009     View Comments

A Quintessential Layered Landscape
      ... big leaf Hosta. Limestone Themed Hardscapes A paved stone path leading to a catering kitchen is actually a side driveway off the main drive. Since this ...
Author: By Leslie McGuire, Managing Editor, Issue: LASN - January 2009     View Comments

Toccata And Fugue In Green
      ... is about contrast and texture so all the plantings and even the hardscapes have a yin and yang contrast to them.” The walkway, which takes you to the wife’s art s...
Author: By Leslie McGuire, Managing Editor, Issue: LASN - January 2009     View Comments

How Green Is Green In Landscape Architecture?
      ... of Contra Costa County to significantly reduce irrigation. Hardscapes and native plantings abound. Here there is slate paving ('Amber Gold') in thin-set random panels, two to three inch '...
Author: By Christine Rombouts, Freelance Writer, West Coas..., Issue: LASN - January 2009     View Comments

As Seen On TV: Building An Outdoor Living Area
      ... said Agee. "John contacted us because we deal mostly with hardscapes." "We had a three-day window to get the project done. In order to make sure it was completed in time I had t...
Author: By Kevin Burrows, Issue: LCN - December 2008     View Comments

LCN January 2009 Hardscapes
      ... exception. The site, built to LEED certification standards with hardscapes by local general contracting company Triangle Construction, was completed in May of 2008. Pine Hall Brick donated the...
Author: Compiled By Matthew Doyle, Issue: LOL - December 23, 2008     View Comments

Cincinnati State Tech: A Community Resource
      ... most vehicle maintenance, irrigation system repair and overall hardscapes care are among their long list of responsibilities. Challenges Slope Issue: The campus landscape is all h...
Author: Editor, Matthew Doyle, Issue: LSMP - December 2008     View Comments