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LCN September 2007 Hardscapes
      ... with a piece of rebar in the middle of the concrete. Hardscapes can be a marquee component of your landscape creations. Proper construction is critical for a long-lasting patio, wal...
Author: By Matthew Mulford, Pavestone Company, Issue: LCN - August 2007     View Comments

LCN August 2007 Hardscapes: Current Tool Technology In Today's Hardscapes
      ... Current Tool Technology in Today’s Hardscapes By Tom Schnetzler, Commercia...
Author: By Tom Schnetzler, Commercial Wall Specialist, Pav..., Issue: LCN - August 2007     View Comments

Land Expressions Creates Two Relaxing Retreats
      ... water features, drainage, rockwork, planting, soft paths and hardscapes. Source: ...
Author: By Michelle Ryan, Regional Editor And Kathy Swehla..., Issue: LASN - June 2007     View Comments

LCN July 2007 Hardscapes
      Texture Mats By Tanya Bryant, Brickform After pouring the concrete, it should be vibrat...
Author: By Tanya Bryant, Brickform, Issue: LCN - June 2007     View Comments

LCN June 2007 Hardscapes
      Pavers: A Five Tool Skill for Basic Design Considerations By Gregory A. Kirkman, Commercial Sales...
Author: By Gregory A. Kirkman, Commercial Sales Manager, Issue: LCN - May 2007     View Comments

Ficus Trees: Good For Shade Or Just Trouble?
      ... trees,Omega Copy however, are notorious for damaging sidewalks, hardscapes and planters with their aggressive roots. Newspaper accounts from Florida to California recently have documented ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - April 24, 2007     View Comments

LCN April 2007 Hardscapes
      Pavers: Uses And Limits By Richard Bodie, Vice President of Commercial Sales, Pavestone Company ...
Author: By Richard Bodie, Vice President Of Commercial Sal..., Issue: LCN - March 2007     View Comments

The Art & Science Of Creating Driveways
      ... thicker concrete or paver specifications than patios or other hardscapes. Contractors should look at driveway jobs as a canvas with big possibilities involving color, pattern and texture. ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - March 2007     View Comments

LCN February 2006 Hardscapes
      Many Faces of SRWs By Kurt Mee Commercial Wall Specialist Pavestone Company -- Denver, Colorado ...
Author: , Issue: LCN - February 2007     View Comments

Kennywood: Keeping 19th Century Charm In A 21st Century Park
      ... the harsh Pittsburgh winters. Softening Up The Hardscapes At least half of the park's 40 acres are devoted to buildings, asphalt, lakes, tunnels, rides, and man-made hards...
Author: By Kevin Burrows, LSMP Regional Editor, Issue: LSMP - February 2007     View Comments