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LASN PMBR Feb 2004
      Life-Cost Cycle of Hardscapes By: Ray Clark and Alan Starling, Pavestone Company The environmental-friendly nature of articulating...
Author: Ray Clark And Alan Starling, Pavestone Company, Issue: LASN - February 2006     View Comments

Fit For A Golf And Tennis King
      ... tone of the stone is spread across the property and ties the hardscapes and landscape features together. The pavilion provides shade but the Texas summer calls for additional ...
Author: By Erik Skindrud, Regional Editor, Issue: LCN - January 2006     View Comments

LASN PMBR January 2006
      Trends in Residential Developments By Niles Romano, Pavestone Company...
Author: By Niles Romano, Pavestone Company, Issue: LASN - December 2005     View Comments

Decorative Concrete: A Lasting Impression
      ... that is taken for granted, concrete! Today's designs for hardscapes are not limited by the selection of gray concrete, pavers or natural stone. Now designs can be flexible, attractive, ...
Author: Eric Etchison, Issue: LASN - November 2005     View Comments

LASN Technology September 2005
      Software Streamlines Specifying Outdoor Landscape Fixtures By William & Patti Feldman, Freelance writers ...
Author: By William & Patti Feldman, Freelance Writers ..., Issue: LASN - November 2005     View Comments

LCN PMBR November 2005
      STAINS: Creative Choices for Today's Landscape Contractor By Keith Gibbs and Steve Johnso...
Author: By Keith Gibbs And Steve Johnson, Solomon Colors, Issue: LCN - November 2005     View Comments

LASN Stewardship October 2005
      ... poured-in-place surfaces that are set flush with surrounding hardscapes to ensure safety. Curbs and ladders are among items that are avoided to keep the playground safe and accessible. ...
Author: By Erik Skindrud, Regional Editor, Issue: LASN - November 2005     View Comments

LASN PMBR October 2005
      Stones in Landscape design Compiled by Alva D. Logsdon, Pavestone Company...
Author: Compiled By Alva D. Logsdon, Pavestone Company, Issue: LASN - November 2005     View Comments

Customized Hardscapes
      Hardscapes by Stephen Kelly, regional editor Sandstone wall construction at the north entry to ...
Author: By Stephen Kelly, Regional Editor, Issue: LCN - October 2005     View Comments

Metrolink Plaza & Pedestrian Improvements
      ... other trees.” Mostly colored concrete was use for the hardscapes, said Denton. The plaza has stripes through it with the lighter colors used for the walkways and the green areas used...
Author: By Larry Shield, Regional Editor, Issue: LOL - September 12, 2005     View Comments