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APLD Presents Annual Design Awards
      ... responsibility; effective integration of plans and hardscapes; originality and creativity; design's affect on maintenance, current and future; and, overall impression. All project...
Author: Steve Kelly, Issue: LOL - July 06, 2004     View Comments

LASN Technology June 2004
      ... the designer to "install" a variety of plants and shrubs and hardscapes onto the photo. The program features more than 1,300 different images of landscape and hardscapes materials. T...
Author: Scott S. Weinberg, LASN Technology Editor, Issue: LASN - June 2004     View Comments

LCN PMBR April, 2004
      Customers Want From Hardscapes By Cindy Rizzo, director of marketing support, L.M. Scofield Company The Loeb Fountain at Purdue U...
Author: Cindy Rizzo, Director Of Marketing Support, L.M. S..., Issue: LCN - April 2004     View Comments

Engraved Pavers
      ... were incorporated into the overall landscape architecture and hardscapes that the city used when it developed Gateway Plaza in downtown Salt Lake City. This feature was a prominent part of t...
Author: Gregory V. Harris, Regional Editor, Issue: LCN - April 2004     View Comments

LCN The Buzz! April, 2004
      ... conducted an email survey of licensed contractors concerning hardscapes. Here’s what we found: – 80% have built a sidewalk, walkway, street, or driveway. Of those 80%, 9...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - April 2004     View Comments

LASN Technology April 2004
      ... libraries of thousands of plants and hardscapes are available in Designware to be placed on the photograph in the correct proportions, location and perspective. Ther...
Author: Gregory V. Harris, Regional Editor, Issue: LASN - April 2004     View Comments

Smaller Grading Projects Pose Unique Challenges
      ... experienced, skilled staff to coordinate and properly construct hardscapes, and install plants, in-house irrigation and landscape lighting systems. Through long-established relationships w...
Author: Gregory V. Harris, LCN Regional Editor, Issue: LCN - February 2004     View Comments

The Life-Cost Cycle Of Hardscapes
      Life-Cost Cycle of Hardscapes By: Ray Clark and Alan Starling, Paveston Company Life-cycle cost of pavement is an analysis that owners of pavem...
Author: Ray Clark And Alan Starling, Pavestone Company, Issue: LASN - February 2004     View Comments

LCN Inside Irrigation FEBRUARY 2004
      ... drainage devices can prevent ponding and damage to turf, hardscapes and structures. These drainage devices can often be located so as not to interfere with the site plan. Adequa...
Author: Jeffrey B. Tyler, NDS, Inc. Product Manager, Drain..., Issue: LCN - February 2004     View Comments

Laguna Vistas
      ... attractiveness. We learn that many of the hardscapes inside and out are Italian quarried marble. Mama mia! as my mama was want to say, despite her English/Irish/French ge...
Author: Stephen Kelly, Issue: LCN - January 2004     View Comments