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Getting To The
      ... barrier, a practical and economical method to prevent damage to hardscapes from roots. DeepRoot barriers have been a successful and common product throughout the San Jose region for years and ...
Author: Graham Ray, DeepRoot, Issue: LOL - October 01, 2002     View Comments

Perfecting Paver Stone Installations
      ... so they can see firsthand the quality and beauty paver stone hardscapes offer over traditional concrete flatwork products. The most important step in paver stone construction is comp...
Author: Mike Harris, President, Harris Landscape Construct..., Issue: LCN - August 2001     View Comments

Hardscaping Enhances Status And Value
      ... natural surroundings and the existing buildings. In the past, hardscapes were traditionally utilitarian, a place to park the car, or a pathway leading to the door. However, more and more hom...
Author: Brian Burton, Issue: LASN - October 2000     View Comments

Heavy Hardscapes
      Traditional landscapes can be instantly enhanced by th...
Author: Diana Naglerost, Issue: LCN - August 2000     View Comments

Doing It The Hard Way
      ... DOING IT THE "HARD" WAY Installing Customized Hardscapes American Beauty Landscaping ...
Author: Roger A. Myers And Christopher L. Mikol, Issue: LASN - April 1997     View Comments

FASLA 1993 Stephen J. Trudnak
      ... and industrial areas. He also has been involved with hardscapes, water features, planting, site and landscape lighting and irrigation. He has received many awards for his efforts to...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - December 01, 1993     View Comments

Red Books For The New Age
      ... a computer monitor. An the plant material, site furnishings and hardscapes have been temporarily placed over the photo shown below by means of video tape and a little imagineering. ...
Author: Alan Burke, Issue: LASN - September 1988     View Comments

LASN Movers & Shakers July, 1988
      ... complete landscape design services, including irrigation and hardscapes and landplanning. The office, located in Sorrento Mesa, is headed by company vice president, Bill Kortsch, A.I.A. Kor...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - July 1988     View Comments

LASN Xeriscape April, 1988
      ... turf areas by using ground covers, wildflowers, decks or other hardscapes. Plant Selection Proper plant selection is another xeriscape principle. You should select plants that are ada...
Author: Martha Latta, Issue: LASN - April 1988     View Comments

LASN Landscape Of The Month March 1986
      ... of the project without putting any of the major trees or hardscapes along the freeway. They did this by bringing the focus of the landscape to the center court yard thus drawing ones at...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - March 1986     View Comments