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Hardscape Trends: Pervious & Permeable Surfacing
      ... Hardscape Trends: Pervious & Permeable Surfacing More than 4,300 square feet of Pavestone Eco-Venetian(TM) permeable pavers...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - January 2012     View Comments

Marshlands Park: Hal Brown Park At Creekside, Marin County Parks
      ... Tamalpais (elevation 2,571-ft.). The overlook has a surface of permeable unit pavers. The western red cedar fencing has custom cut-steel panels representing Manzanitas found on site, with gal...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - November 2011     View Comments

Lerner Gardens Embraces The Senses
      ... This Gathering/Education Area on permeable surfacing under the bold wood-pegged trellis was constructed by local craftsmen and provides a shady place to linger, ...
Author: Compiled By Gregory Harris, LASN, Issue: LASN - July 2011     View Comments

Natural Environment Elevates The Learning Experience
      ... in DuPont, Wash., several growing plots were developed with a permeable growing soil medium over sub-drain system. Clean storm water runoff from the roof areas was directed to these planting...
Author: By DLR Group; Jim French, AIA, REFP, Designer And ..., Issue: LASN - June 2011     View Comments

Heritage Bark Park
      ... A key design element was the ceremonial entry with permeable vehicular pavers that focuses views into the pedestrian plaza. Parking is not the focus of the park entry, so it is lo...
Author: Y Ben Fish, Landscape Architect/associate, Project..., Issue: LASN - March 2011     View Comments

Planning A Park With Playgrounds For Every Age
      ... provides refreshing fun. The waterplay area surfacing is a nonpermeable resilient surfacing ("AquaFlex" by The Fibar Group). Wood fiber (Sun-Up) is also used in the play areas. Mewto...
Author: By Todd Rhoads, Vice President, Landscape Architec..., Issue: LASN - October 2010     View Comments

CAs AB 1881 Is Now In Force
      ... Irrigation shall not be permitted within 24 inches of any non-permeable surface. Allowable irrigation within the setback from non-permeable surfaces may include drip, drip line or other low ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - January 07, 2010     View Comments

CNN Airs "Green" Playgrounds
      ... The company says the material is PVC-free, strong, “impermeable to water, cannot be eaten by insects, never needs painting or sealing, and it won’t splinter, crack, rust, swell...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - May 08, 2009     View Comments

Buckingham Fountain Table Stays Pink While Going Green
      ... The fountain table is boasted as the world's largest decorative permeable paver project. Photos: Unilock ...
Author: By Brad Swanson, ASLA, Issue: LASN - February 2009     View Comments

Toccata And Fugue In Green
      ... was used on top and thicker aggregate beneath. If a non permeable surfacing was used, the driveway would fill and the runoff would have to be sent into huge catch basins. The driveway ...
Author: By Leslie McGuire, Managing Editor, Issue: LASN - January 2009     View Comments