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Antelope Park
      ... idea that all children deserve to be included in the design of playgrounds and play equipment. Recently, the Antelope Park in Lincoln, Neb., was renovated in order to provide greater ac...
Author: Diana Nagler, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Age Appropriate Play
      ... The Jewish Community Center of San Antonio wanted their playgrounds to safely encourage whole-child development, to support the staff, and to be an inviting, aesthetically pleasing add...
Author: Judi L. Raymund, MLA, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Mega Play Structures
      ... for Testing Material and Consumer Products Safety for Public Playgrounds." DeBoom added that the structure at Reed Park is inspected monthly, and vandalism and graffiti are two of ...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

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Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Sunshine Park
      ... of a child's life is the time they spend at local parks and playgrounds. For that reason, these locations can be viewed as an example of the character of the community and a measurement of...
Author: Jeanette Abatangelo, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Planting A Future
      ... and maintenance of local parks ranging from inner-city playgrounds and therapeutic gardens to historic sites and community greenways. 1999 marked the 300th birthday of Baton Rou...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Zoos Use Landscape Immersion
      ... San Diego are personally transported to African savannas, polar playgrounds, and to ancient canyons where the rare California Condor flies. Through landscape immersion, Landscape Architect...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

California Playgrounds To Be Smoke Free
      California Playgrounds to be Smoke Free SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Governor Gray Davis recent...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments