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The Olympic Preliminary Basketball Facility
      ... Now hosting the Olympic Preliminary Basketball Facility, the school continues to grow and has been a major academic force within the Atlanta area and across the United States. Landscape Arc...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - June 1996     View Comments

A Place In The Sun
      ... giant was dying. Laid out when LSU was essentially a military school, with only a few narrow (cross) walks and no longitudinal walks outside of the building arcades, the original walk system...
Author: Van L. Cox, ASLA, Associate Professor, LSU, Issue: LASN - February 1995     View Comments

The Theater Of The Campus
      ... Virginia, just north of Roanoke, in the City of Lexington. The school was founded in 1798 as Washington Academy and in 1871 became Washington and Lee University, shortly after General Robert ...
Author: W. Thomas Borellis, President, GWSM, Inc., Landsca..., Issue: LASN - February 1995     View Comments

Sculpture At School
      Cornell Bridgers and Troller (CBT), I worked with Welton Becket and Associates on the UCLA Master Plan in 1958. Amo...
Author: Howard E. Troller, FASLA, Issue: LASN - June 1994     View Comments

ASLA Chapters
      ... Center Special Olympics Swimming Pool, across from the Vet. School. The project includes “hands-on-experience” in construction, planting design, retention pond building, gradin...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - December 1989     View Comments

LASN News November, 1989
      ... Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA; and Harvard Business School. POD, Inc., brings 90 employees to POD/Sasaki. POD’s most recent assignments have been as master landscape arch...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - November 1989     View Comments

Bringing History . . . Back To Life!
      ... History . . . Back to Life! By Gary 0. Robinette, Director, School of Architecture and Environmental Design, The University of Texas at Arlington. Computer-generated perspect...
Author: Gary 0. Robinette, Issue: LASN - July 1989     View Comments

LASN Landscape Lighting April, 1989
      ... now available representing many styles, periods, and aesthetic schools. The luminaire used in New York’s Central Park, referred to above, is an unusual case. It was designed in 1982...
Author: Marvin S. Wittlin, Issue: LASN - April 1989     View Comments

LASN Movers & Shakers March, 1989
      ... recently completed continuing education courses at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. Ms. Hodge completed work in the Landscape Illustration Course which will benefit our c...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - March 1989     View Comments

"Water Conserving Landscapes ??" A Revolutionary Image"
      ... garden as exemplified by Versailles. The English Landscape School was largely a style of landscape design intended to be more respectful of “nature” and to replace the elabora...
Author: Robert L. Thayer, Jr., And Thomas Richman, Issue: LASN - November 1988     View Comments