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Creating Play
      ... team of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1857, public parks began gaining recognition as city institutions essential to the health and happiness of America's non-rural populations. A...
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Earth Smart
      ... as common-- another in a long line of environmentally smart parks. lasn ...
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      ... for everyone," according to Slade Strickland, Director of Parks and Recreation for The Town of Addison. Rowland Jackson, ASLA-- the "J" of NJB-- has a reputation as a cre...
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98/07 Thriving Life
      ... renovate their lakes in Clark, Irvine, Mason and Yorba regional parks. The new Mason Park design includes an ozonation system, as more water treatment is requred to treat effluent (reclaim...
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Parks County
      Return To Main Menu 901600 Parks (County) 02/04 A Community Transforms Landscapes into "Childscapes" - Volunteer built playscapes ha...
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Garden Of The Gods
      ... and highly erodible, soils and high volume of daily traffic. Parks and Recreation department contacted Invisible Structures, Inc. to investigate the feasibility of using Gravelpave2 on the ...
Author: William Bohnhoff, ASLA, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Rhodes Park
      ... Rhodes Park is one of the busiest parks in the city of Columbus, Ohio. In 2000, an ADA accessible sports pad was installed to support the Therapeutic Recreation p...
Author: Katherine Spatz, ASLA And Lindsay Richardson, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Carving A Jewel From Granite In Central Minnesota
      ... into one of the country’s most unique and enjoyable public parks, with the hope that Quarry Park and Nature Preserve will serve as a prototype for quarry reclamation and park development ...
Author: Jack Broughton, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Celebrating Centennial
      ... These interactive children’s water parks in Europe serve as inspiration for Centennial Park’s future water plaza. A child raises a movable gate to let the wat...
Author: Bette Sack And Lynn Pinoniemi Landscape Structures..., Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Aesop Park
      ... Michael Browne, Landscape Architect with the New York City Parks Department. "A lot of the fables are written about animals, and that fit the woodland setting. So the park's theme ki...
Author: John Fultz, Issue: LOL -     View Comments