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Fully-Accessible Park Accessories
      ... applied, start the water flowing. It is good for campsites, parks or any location. Outlet to grade distance is typically 18 inches. ...
Author: Sean Stowell, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

05/2000 Oahu Island Redevelopment
      ... The Lei of Green Concept is a public open space framework of parks, shoreline access, stream greenways, parkways, and roads that preserves the natural, historic and cultural resources of th...
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03/2000 Adams Park -A Rural Heritage Center
      ... past cookie-cutter suburban developments and shiny business parks. Shapins Associates, a landscape architecture and planning firm in Boulder, dedicates much of their efforts to preserving ...
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Broad Spectrum
      ... found public input most useful while planning and designing 90 parks over 18 years. In fact, some of the company's most successful projects have been created through a consensus-building proc...
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Playground Dreams
      ... District staff investigated ways to enhance our more developed parks to make visitation more desirable in the summer," explains Robert Kline, Park District Development Director. "Pl...
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03/2000 Royal Parks-
      Royal Parks Princess Diana Finally Honored by Diana Nagler   one of the most beloved fi...
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More Money For National Park Service?
      ... WASHINGTON - The new coalition of Americans for National Parks and several members of Congress recently called for a $280-million increase to the National Park Service's fiscal year 200...
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96/06 Laurels For Atlanta
      ... it will be an internationally recognized benchmark for urban parks in the 21st century. Like all great parks, its layout, its handsome trees and verdant lawn, and particularly its "lan...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

95/12 Are National Park Closures Eminent?
      ... land. As LASN went to press with its October issue on "Parks," HR 260 (Rep. Joel Hefley, R-CO) that would set up a parks closure commission was awaiting consideration on the Hous...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL -     View Comments

Going For The Gold
      ... by the firm's Fort Collins, Colo., office which specializes in parks and trails. Preliminary Design ...
Author: Joseph P. Lewandowski, Issue: LOL -     View Comments