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BSLA Gives Awards
      ... Burlington's waterfront park won a Merit Award in teh "Parks and Recreational Facilities" category, one of 13 design categories recognized by the BSLA Awards. The park was constr...
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TruGreen Supplies End Zone Logos
      ... San Diego Padres. The company also manages the Little Padres parks. The lining and logos are an added benefit to sports turf customers....
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Teeing Off For Scholarships
      ... an annual scholarship golf outing to invest in the future of parks and recreation," said Nichole Fischer, MRPA Program Services Manager. "All proceeds fund park and recreation int...
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Water Park Trade Show
      ... Tx Capitalizing on the flood of attendance to water parks last year, which topped 62.5 million, the World Water parks Association will hold a trade show on October 20-21, 2000, in ...
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Hamula Accepts Position At Design Workshop
      ... will be working with Terrall Budge on Hotel Park City, Redstone Parkside, and other projects. Hamula, who has worked as a Landscape Architect at GSBS pc for the past six years said leaving...
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Three Inextricable Predictions:
      ... as there will be miles and miles of interior spaces containing parks, walkways, and recreation facilities linked directly to commercial and housing districts. In the 21st century, there may b...
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Sprawl Has A Solution
      ... Design (NCD) will promote vibrant neighborhoods of housing, parks, and schools within walking distance to shops, civic services, jobs and transit. The NCD is an antidote to sprawl and a po...
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      ... local culture. For example, big shopping centers that demand carparks in cities with poor roads. Leung planned an impressive Port of Hong Kong multi-use town waterfront served by efficient mas...
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92/12 The Profession Forecast
      ... forest, or strolls the city park. LASN will feature National Parks in its September issue, and hopes to show that some of the finest work in the profession comes from the public sector. Rem...
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Legislation (Federal)
      ... Passes Plant Protection Act 07/00 National Parks Conservation Association Offers Guarded Support for Everglades Bill 00/06 Cara Legislation Passes House ...
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